A message from THE PAOC SERVE Campus Network GUIDING GROUP

to all PAOC credential holders and PAOC churches


This fall, some of our young adults will be part of the one and a half million young adults enrolled in a Canadian college or university. As you know, this is a crucial time of transition where they will either deepen or wander away from the foundation of faith in their lives. 

The first few weeks of the fall are critical for connecting young people with communities of faith. Statistics show that a connection within the first three weeks is crucial for ensuring that they are able to not only survive in the university context but to grow and deepen in their faith.  To ensure that no one falls through the cracks, SERVE Campus Network (formerly Campus Mission Canada) wants to build a bridge and partner with you this fall.


You may not campus_01_COLOR_red_Engbe aware of it, but as a Fellowship we are on well over 50 campuses across the country, and reaching new campuses every year. We have a servant team of people with an incredible vision that work strategically with local students, leaders and ministries. As a result, we have had success in connecting students with churches and ministries that will foster their spiritual growth during their season of studies. The stories have been inspiring!


If you know of young people who will be going to university this fall, I am asking you to let us know by engaging the following:


  1. Build a Bridge and Connect: Will you as a leader, please contact your incoming and current students and their families to share the contact information to a SERVE Campus Network leader and ensure they are aware of their PAOC campus worker and ministry?  It is as simple as sending them an introduction email and bridging them to the campus worker. Visit the SERVE CAMPUS NETWORK website to find the college or university and the worker contact information. http://www.servecampus.net/
  2. Build a Covering and Pray: Take time to pray for your students that are embarking on their University or College studies and commission them as students with a mission to this gap. Perhaps you could assign eapray every daych student an intercessor that would continue to pray for them during their studies. Their discipleship process continues, even if the student is no longer physically in the local setting. Pray for the university leader and ministry as they reach into their missional gap.
  3. Build a Relationship and Give: Most of our PAOC SERVE NETWORK campus workers are self-supporting missionaries and need financial support. They need consistent partnership to help them minister to the young adults that God has sent from the nations. Some of you are already partners, and we thank you. You may want to invite them to part of a missions gathering to share their story. Would you consider them as part of your church annual missionary budget? Contact them to determine how you could strengthen the relationship. Your investment is crucial.


All the current site locations and workers in the network can be found on Serve Campus Network and our contact information is below.


As a network of Spirit-filled leaders, we are excited about the opportunity and challenge of reaching and discipling the next generation of our nation’s leaders. Thanks for helping us make the connections between campus workers and students across our nation.



Brian Egert – Mission Canada Director, PAOC International Office, Mississauga, ON brian.egert@paoc.org


British Columbia:

John Engels – BC Campus Ministries jengels@bc.paoc.org

Seth Greenham – UBC, Vancouver, BC seth.greenham@gmail.com


Kelly Johnson – University of Calgary, Calgary, AB johnsok@ucalgary.ca

Manitoba & NW Ontario:

Tammy Junghans – University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB  Tammy.Junghans@paoc.org

Western Ontario:

Trevor Gingerich – Humber College, Toronto, ON Trevor.Gingerich@paoc.org

Robin Waller – LIFT Church at McMaster University – Hamilton, ON  robin@liftchurch.ca

Eastern Ontario:

David Burke – Ryerson University, Toronto, ON David.Burke@paoc.org

Jonathan Hutchison, Peace Tower Church, Ottawa, ON  jhutchison@peacetowerchurch.ca

Quebec and Maritimes:

David Martin – pasteurdavidmartin@gmail.com

Newfoundland and Labrador:

Dean Brenton – Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland – MDSI@paonl.ca