The Equation Needed for a Spiritually Strong Generation

How often do you find yourself thinking in equations? You know the kind: A+B=C.




By Natalie Rogge, Mission Canada Strategic Manager and Children’s Guiding Group Lead


How often do you find yourself thinking in equations?  You know the kind:  A+B=C. 

Equations can have greater results when you extend the pattern. Something like this:  If A+B=C then…


Today is Sunday, April 29.  For the past 28 days the PAOC family has focused on reaching children in the 4/14 Window. Why? 


  • Because children are most receptive to the gospel. More than any other age or stage of life.
  • We have shared scriptures, resources, and giving opportunities.
  • We have united our hearts in prayer as district children’s leaders across the nation have led us.


Each of the four weeks this month have had their own unique focus:

  • Sharing God’s truth in a post-truth society and with a post-truth generation
  • Parenting with purpose
  • Children and their spiritual identity
  • The church’s role in supporting families. 


As April soon comes to a close, I can’t help but think what the result of four weeks could be. We’ve read. We’ve prayed. We’ve been challenged to give, and to encourage our children to share faith.




So, now what? What happens with this equation?

The TRUTH OF GOD’S WORD is shared with a child in their young and formative years

+ they are PARENTED WITH PURPOSE. Not just any specific purpose, but with Kingdom purpose

+ they are SECURE IN KNOWING their SPIRITUAL IDENTITY is found in Christ, and no one or nothing else

+ they are SURROUNDED BY SPIRITUAL LEADERS AND FRIENDS in a LOCAL CHURCH, teaching them, praying for them, guiding them, involving them, and cheering them on.

What do we get? What is the result of the Word + Biblical Parenting + Identity in Christ + Being Part of the Body of Christ?



We are living in such a post-truth society.  The next generation experiences this every day. They are surrounded by God and also gods of many types and religions. At least 50% find themselves between one parent and another, striving for love, acceptance, belonging. There is no greater time in history where a person’s identity is being challenged or questioned. This next generation is being asked how they identify. Sometimes at an age younger than they have understanding for. What happened to simply being a boy or a girl, a child of God, created in His image? Their spiritual identify must be secure. They need to know who they are, and whose they are.

And the Church. The Church has a significant role to play in the life of a child. Not just for the children already in the church, but for those living in the shadow of the cross. Something happens when we introduce a child to “the cross” and help them understand its significance. We lead them to a decision of faith in Christ. We lead them to having an identity rooted in being a child of God. We help them find their fit in the body of Christ, serving God and growing as a well-grounded disciple. We help them shape their life to be one of Kingdom purpose.We parent together, supporting one another in both the good and the challenging times.




We are not quick to criticize or step back, but rather we lean in. We get involved. We build a family of faith and a faith community around our children – one that is strong. One that will stand the test of time. Especially these times we are living in now.


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