4-14: Campus Mission Canada - Kids Grow Up And Go To University


The PAOC’s 4-14 Initiative each year in the month of April focuses on reaching children between the ages of 4 and 14, when they are most receptive to the good news of Jesus. It is when receiving Christ in those early years that they are most likely to maintain their faith throughout their growing years, and then into adulthood. Sadly, in times of transition in life where faith can be challenged and independence is realized, students can fall away from their relationship with the Lord that they once knew. Because of this reality, the PAOC realizes the need to place campus workers on every post-secondary university and college in Canada. That is an enormous task, and one that doesn’t happen overnight… but it is happening and it’s very exciting!


Today, there are over 50 campus workers strategically placed across our nation, reaching students with the love of Jesus and a message of hope for their lives. There are Bible studies. There are cafes where Jesus’ name is spoken. There are events where the love and light of Christ is made event and Christians have opportunity to serve the student body. There are chaplains engaging students in daily dialogue and praying with them for the concerns they carry. There are clubs and campus churches. Each campus is unique in the type of ministry and mission work it has. We must work together with the student unions and campus leadership. And, yes, there are even powerful times of worship, prayer gatherings, and water baptisms! You see, the campus is a place where students need to find hope, or be reminded of the faith that once was theirs. They need the support of campus workers who engage with them in the challenging times, believe with them in the stress-filled times, and celebrate with them when things are going good.

  • Will you believe with us for a PAOC presence on every campus in Canada?
  • Will you call out to God on behalf of the students who need to have an encounter with Jesus Christ, and know hope for living and a faith that is real?
  • Will you ask God to send more workers to this harvest field? Many of our Canadian post-secondary campuses have a population that would compete in size with your average town, or even a small city. We must be there, sharing the love and light of Christ!

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