PAOC 4-14 Prayer Focus: Ontario and Nunavut

PAOC 4-14 Prayer Focus: Ontario and Nunavut

Today we list up children in Ontario in prayer.  Join Cindy Rose, Children’s Specialist in the PAOC’s Western Ontario District as we pray specifically…

* That children everywhere will hear about Jesus and His great love for them.  That they will come into relationship with Jesus at a young age, and stay firm in their faith for years to come.

* That children who are hurting and feel alone will come in connection with other children who love Jesus, and with churches that care about children, finding hope, purpose, and acceptance in Jesus at a young age.

* That churches will rise up as the Body of Christ and together, with all ages and generations, young and old, share and model the love of Jesus to the children they come in contact with.

* That when kids hear the Word of God that it would ignite in their hearts and that they would desire more. Pray that children would become grounded in God’s Word; that His Word truly would be a lamp for their feet and a light for their path while they are at school amongst friends, and when facing challenging situations in life.

* That parents and guardians will have a passion and desire to be the primary spiritual influencer in their kids’ lives, and that they would find support, encouragement, and resources through their local churches in order to disciple their children well in the ways of the Lord.

* That kids will have a personal experience with the Holy Spirit in such a way that they know without a doubt that God is real, even in a world that may be telling them otherwise.  May they have an experience that is powerful and undeniable, and allow parents and other adults to see that kids can experience God’s power working IN and THROUGH them.  

* That we will see Kids Ministry as an opportunity to do ministry WITH kids, not just FOR kids.  Pray that kids would be empowered and released as members of the Body of Christ and encouraged in their gifts, not just entertained or programmed for a couple hours a week.  They have something to offer and must not be overlooked.

* That our nation will be turned UPSIDE DOWN for Jesus in and through kids!They can be some of the greatest evangelists in the world.  May those who know Jesus be a powerful light in their corner of the world, and may the Holy Spirit draw fellow classmates, teachers, neighbours, families, and friends to Jesus through them.